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SATOSHI NAKAMOTO's place discovered

Did you know that 'satoshi' who was active on is offline since 13th December 2010 ? Yes. Everybody know that... ...but the clock locator is still working when you go to his profil. It give you a precious location's information. The clock is settled on WALLIS & FUTUNA Island, the furthest French territory. So what ? For now we don't care. But remember 2 things : Satoshi build 2 projects. Bitcoin core and Namecoin. Namecoin is so much undervalued. There is a reason. This project is waiting a big turn from BTC to grow = the awesome BitDNS system with a 100% connection's network with BTC. Now Namecoin is cheap. Don't miss the amazing next bull run. As other currency, keep your bag safe and let the market working. It is gonna be you best bet of your life. Bitcoin need Namecoin in the near futur and nobody know that but it is not too late. From so far away to the present it came true
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