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Could Namecoin have multiple resolutions for one name?

Would it be feasible to implement multiple resolutions into one name? I'm not familiar with how Namecoin works, so maybe it's already supported. But if I undersand it correctly, right now the structure is "key:value". Do you think it could be useful to change it to "key:value{subkey:value}"? As an example: abcde { onion: "...." ipfs: "...." zite: "...." bitmessage: "...." http: "...." pgp: "...." whatever: "...." } As the owner of the name, I could write anything I want as a subkey. This would allow third-party tools to search for a value for a specific platform. If there's an ipfs name resolution tool, any user would be able to enter: 1. "abcde": the tool queries the namecoin chain instead for "abcde#ipfs". If there's no "ipfs" subkey, it could return the default subkey, or nothing. 2. "abcde#whatever": the tool queries for "abcde#whatever" and returns its value if it exists. Namecoin wouldn't need to know anything about the subkeys, only to support the syntax to search in the proper fields. What do you think? Is there already something like this implemented? Cheers. Edit: and maybe allow subsubkey values, or list-type values: abcde { ipfs: "X", "Y", "Z" http { site1: "W" site2: "T" } .... } abcde#ipfs#0 returns X abcde#http#site1 returns W
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