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Not sure if this is a repost, but I came across this article from 2 years ago.

"It's really sad to see a great coin with so much potential undervalued, because in the end people only care about price and hype."

Myriad was launched in February 2014 by 8bitcoder, forked from Zetacoin. It was the first cryptocurrency to use five proof-of-work algorithms in an effort to increase security as well as broaden the base of people who could mine it - SHA256d and Scrypt for ASIC miners, Skein and Myr-Groestl for GPU miners, and Qubit for GPU and CPU miners. Qubit has since been replaced with Yescrypt. Huntercoin, launched in late 2013, was actually the first coin to use multiple PoW algorithms (SHA256d and Scrypt), but its focus was not on mining, rather on a blockchain-based game that produced the large majority of new coins.

Now that we are done with the introduction. How much potential and what are the good sides of Myriad Coin.

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