Myriad Maze - Alpha Version 0.1 Released - Earn XMY


It is finally here. The first release of Myriad Maze. You can navigate the maze, find Glitter, sell it for XMY (1:1 ratio), and use global chat (hit enter key, type message, hit enter again to post, hit escape to abort).

Code for items is currently disabled, but you can see the player attributes and stats and get a general idea of what kind of game it will be.

Spells and Monster code was done and working for single player, but needs to be completely redone for server-client. I expect this to take a major portion of 2023 before Beta release.

Right now, I am basically testing the server. While I have done several similar RPG games before ,this is the first MMORPG type game I have ever done. I want to see what kind of problems I will have with multiple world wide clients.

Currently the server is dropping 1-10 Glitter every minute somewhere on the map. This will continue to accumulate until someone finds it.

You can download the client at: Alpha Version 0.2

Please provide feedback on any problems.