Coinbase listing - update

self.myriadcoin7d ago
I have looked in to listing XMY on coinbase, and it might be possible to get this coin listed. There are some legal requirements for the coin to be listed which i am currently looking into. first, are Myriad community happy for me to represent Myriadcoin for this exchange and future exchanges (Be the face of myriad coin- first point of contact). Here are few issues for listings: ​ 1. The developer or issuer team has made claims about the asset being an investment or a security, or that users or holders will see a rise in price or return on investment in the asset. 2. Initial tokens were distributed in a sales or offering event to users (in exchange for fiat or other crypto). 3. The platform associated with the asset lacks a real or supportable use. 4. The asset was distributed prior to being usable for its intended or stated purpose. 5. The application doesn’t include information on UBOs (Ultimate Beneficial Owners), executives, or key individuals associated with the project. 6. Information on sources and fundraising methods in the application is limited or conflicting. 7. The project has close association with prohibited categories of businesses as defined in 8. Superuser privileges 9. Degree of centralization 10. Novel and unverified code ​ I think most of these we can pass since this coin is not premined, we may have problems with 3 and 5. let me know what you think and if your happy for me to represent.