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Cryptocurrencies in Video Games: Preview Roundup

Virtual currencies have been around in video games almost since the beginning, in the form of precious coins, gems, or other eye-catching tokens of value. They’re earned by completing objectives, and used to buy things like weapons, armor, or other fun virtual assets. Now MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) games like World of Warcraft or EVE have spawned virtual currency-based markets for virtual goods, and their increasing immersiveness with technologies like the Oculus makes one question how virtual these currencies really are.

None of these were cryptocurrencies, however (there’s a difference), because they relied on a central server. But recently, developers have been designing games with currencies that utilize the blockchain; although these need not necessarily be intended for real-world use, in most cases the game is designed the promote the cryptocurrency as an actual unit of value. Being a video game afficionado and reader of related publications, I’ve taken it upon myself to preview these cryptocurrency-based games for you.

Huntercoin is possibly the most decentralized video game on the market, and has been mention before on our site. Every single in-game event is recorded in Huntercoin blocks, in the same manner that Bitcoin or Huntercoin transactions can be recorded on their respective blockchains. Instead of connecting to a central server to interact with other players in Huntercoin’s MMO world, your client runs through the Hunter blockchain to learn what moves they’ve made.

Huntercoins are mined with a hybrid system, combining SHA256 (mergable with Bitcoin mining), scrypt (mergable with Litecoin and its kind) and the power of video game addiction. Players are enticed to collect huntercoins on the map, which can be brought to a spawn area and redeemed into your Huntercoin wallet. There they can be used to create new Hunters, or as any other cryptocurrency.

As always, however, it is easier said than done. The coins...

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