Guy lost millions knocked on Do Kwon's door, He wanted to ask Kwon directly about the plans for the project

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From the article : >The man who allegedly tried to pay a visit the head honcho of the Terra blockchain May 13 finally spoke out Tuesday, telling reporters the crash of Terra and Luna left him financially devastated, and that he wanted to hear directly from Terra’s boss what the man’s plans were for the cryptocurrencies. >The BBC reported that the crypto streamer who only goes by the username “Chancers” said that after the crash “I felt like I was going to die.” Chancers, whose face was concealed by a mask, hat and sunglasses as he talked to reporters, claimed he had started investing in crypto in 2017, but lost $2.4 million in Luna coins when the cryptocurrency started to crash the weekend of May 8. This was despite the nonprofit Luna Foundation Guard propping up the platform with billions of dollars in bitcoin, and now both Terra and Luna are worth less than dirt. The streamer claimed he searched online for Kwon’s Seoul address then went there “to ask him about his plans for Luna. I suffered a huge loss and wanted to talk to him directly.” >Chancers streamed his planned interaction with Kwon to 100 people on his channel on the South Korea-based AfreecaTV streaming site, according to the BBC. When he knocked on Kwon’s door around 6:23 p.m. local time, instead of Terra founder coming to the door, Kwon’s wife answered instead and told the streamer her husband was out. Korean news site The Chosun Ilbo reported that day that the wife called police to ask for protection. The streamer said he surrendered himself to law enforcement, and Ilbo reported the man was charged with house trespassing. Source :