Friend has 500k in gains he can't access.

self.CryptoCurrency1m ago
For starters this seems to me like a total scam. But I'm no crypto expert and don't trade any. I figured I'd come here and ask the best. [Here]( are a few screenshots showing the balance and the "support teams" response in order to withdrawal it all. They claim he needs to pay $62,000 in taxes from his own money separate from the balance in his account in order to withdraw. Here is where I come in. He calls **Me** asking if he can borrow $62,000. I told him I don't have the money simply because if it sounds too good to be true it probably is and I'm not taking that loss. Edit: Name of the exchange is ~~Coinlist~~ Coinlistxrt Edit 2: He put in 200k of his own money to "grow" it to 500k. Edit 3: Overwhelmingly everyone agrees it is a scam some saying they have seen it before. Honestly, I feel terrible for him. He invested 200k and as it seems like that money is forever lost. That's some nightmare fuel. That being said if you are going to invest 200K into **ANYTHING** you should know it better inside and out than your ex-wife. Edit 4: Press F Edit 5: Norton Safe Web Report courtesy of u/Admirable_Ad1430 [link]( for Coinlistxrt. Edit 6: Some people have brought to my attention that the URL for the official CoinList is not the same URL as in the screenshot. The official Coinlist domain is and the one in the screenshot is Edit 7: Turns out while Coinlist has a terrible reputation it is not the exchange he was scammed through. Looks to me like he joined Coinlistxrt which is an imitation of the official site. Thanks to those who pointed that out. Edit 8: Thank you for everyone who offered their support and helped out with this. This was my first post in CryptoCurrency and I want to say you all are awesome. I need to get back to work now. Thank you again! Edit 9: As I've seen said numerous times in the comments he was in fact recommended to this exchange by someone he met on tinder. Edit 10: A few incredibly nice redditors have reached out directly to offer assistance. I won't name them specifically but I am extremely thankful for their help. Edit 11: u/Gemini_George gave me permission to share his info. He has been helping me out tremendously and to bring further attention to the danger of these scams please visit this [link]( Final Edit: Some people have been supportive and some have been fairly cruel but hey this is the internet. I wanted to say this. Scams are getting extremely elaborate. To go to the lengths of matching with someone on a dating platform to having organic conversation with them for weeks before this crypto idea was brought up is insane. Perhaps even more surprising is how there was proper grammar in their conversations for that length of time. The scam exchange they used is built to look pretty legit as well. After skimming through I did find some grammar errors though. These people are attacking on multiple levels involving emotional connection and a promise for a better future. They strike when your guard is down. As an outsider it can be easier to see the red flags but when you're in the hot seat thinking you've met someone who is looking out for your best interests it's not as clear. They started out by asking him to invest a small amount of money into the exchange. They said to make this work you need to time the node properly to profit which only happens during a small window of the day. He saw how his money "grew" and he thought he was being successful. To reinforce this they paid him out a portion of the money he "made". He continued on and on until he was eventually all in. That leads him to where he is today. I hope this brings attention to those who were unaware and that everyone stays safe trading.