COPE a token built on Solana Ecosystem, their Devs Team sold 10% of supply on market sending price down to -77% then they came to Discord apologizing for the dip because they had to keep devs team going through during this tough time.

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self.CryptoCurrency1m ago
Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. COPE is built on Solana Ecosystem I visited their site so you don't have to >Earn COPE through staking across pools in the Solana ecosystem such as on Raydium and Orca and upcoming COPE Trading Pools. Stake in Sollet/Phantom (on-chain) wallet to earn more COPE and become claimants in spacedrops. [Here's the chart after their devs team sold 10% of the supply on market.]( Then he came to Discord apologizing for the dip. This is was his response: [Sorry guys he needed the money.]( Don't worry this doesn't stop here it gets shittier [Thank you for funding Devs pocket, Cope Holders.]( [His Explanation \\"got to keep dev team going through this hard time\\"]( A Twitter user posted this: >Daily reminder that Cyrii owned the majority of the [$cope]( supply in his wallet and it never bothered anyone He also claimed he'd burn a ton and never did, instead he sold it now Tweet: [\_Ch0c/status/1529106514279112704](