Developer Updates

self.TokenCard5y ago
Hi Everyone ! First, I would like to thank all the devs for the work they are doing. Having functioning cards in just a few months is really exciting ! Can't wait to withdraw in my ATM with a token card. Also, the thing with USDT is pretty cool. Having said that, I am posting here because I have a question about the dev updates. When I first came acquainted to tokencard (about 2/3 months ago), these seemed to come quite regularly, something like every week. Lately, these don't come as regularly. I was wondering, could you guys do a regular post (every week seems great, or every 2 weeks), to keep everyone updated ? I really believe the regularity of it plays an important role. We don't really care if there is no new information in the post, and if you guys need to keep some things secret, we totally understand. But from someone in another country's perspective, when you guys don't post anything, it feels like nothing is going on (which is probably not true at all). Just give a few signs of life for all your fans :-). If you guys have a good reason for not doing this, please tell us !