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The current situation on exchanges for new ICOs – Monetha – Medium

The process of getting listed

Due to the regulatory pressure rumors and potential tighter regulations in China and the US, the exchanges are taking precautionary steps when it comes to listing tokens. While our KPMG lawyers have made a clear documentation that our token model is not a security, some exchanges still take time to review our token model by themselves — which is why the listing process takes longer than it used to. All this information has to be provided by our legal department, including legal matter, explaining our business model or providing extensive information on our team’s background.

We understand that our community asks us for detailed communication of the progress, but some exchanges have made it very clear that if we disclose the process of the deal with the exchange before it’s signed, it may hurt our application.

While we don’t control their operations or regulatory matters, we are being very responsive and compliant with every request that they have. This shows that Monetha team is doing everything in their power to make the partnerships with exchanges as soon as possible.

We acknowledge the urgency of the people who want to buy the token from an exchange that they are registered in. Having that in mind, you should also recognize that Monetha is a project which looks at a bigger picture, and as history shows — cryptocurrency market awards those who share the same (long term) vision.

Let’s work together

Our followers know that we communicate every step that we take and give our 100% efforts. The only bottleneck in this situation, is the longer than usual process that exchanges are taking because of the regulatory pressure. The best way to help Monetha to achieve total success with the listing on the exchanges, is for the community to use the enormous energy that they have, to let the exchanges know their interest in MTH on Social Media (Twitter, Bitcointalk, Facebook) or even directly reaching out...

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