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Great write-up for those that don't follow Medium.

How we react to Ethereum’s price fluctuations

At the time of writing this post, Ethereum was traded at $238. If you have been following the prices of it in the last 3 months, you’ll know that it goes down as fast as it goes up.

The whole Monetha team strongly believes in Ethereum and the technology behind it. The recent rumors might work on some people’s psychology, but in the long term, the technology will prevail. At the current stage, Ethereum is too big to ignore and we’re not anxious about the short term fluctuations.

The recent rumors about China, possible “bans” on the ICOs and exchanges just shows, that every new platform has to go through several pain points, in order for it to thrive. Ethereum blockchain is just one of those platforms, and Monetha’s team is sure that these obstacles will help it to succeed in the future.

Ethereum is only two years old. If you compare where Ethereum is now, to Bitcoin when it was two years old, Ethereum shows a big promise for the future, and that’s not only because unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum has a complex technological substance behind it. One must understand, that all the additional features (Smart Contracts, dApps and more), will enable Ethereum to reach much further than Bitcoin.

As the CoinTelegraph said it, “There are various reasons as to why investors are now shifting their attention to Ethereum. For one, Ethereum has been showing signs of it being ready to overtake Bitcoin in the near future. In his interview, CEO of Polychain Capital, Olaf Carlson Wee, said that investors are likely to see Ethereum rally against Bitcoin as early as 2018. While Bitcoin has already reached its new all-time high of $3000, discussions about Ethereum reaching up to $1000 has been making rounds. Seeing as though most investors may have already missed the rise of Bitcoin, the next cryptocurrency that is currently getting the most attention is Ethereum. Finally, autonomy is a driving factor for cryptoc...
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