You like Sitcker? Print some! New printing service (EU)

1M Ago
Photos of stickers are here almost every week with sometimes more upvotes than directly monero related developments. Well placed stickers can attract attention and introduce people to something new and make them think. We like stickers too and have included Monero stickers with many orders and as of today offer our new printing service: - Payments with Monero - use our Tor hidden serivice - order data-saving or anonymous - europe-wide deliveries Print stickers, flyers, posters and much more comfortably. Are you looking for nice motifs? Take a look at [here]( for example. You can find our print service here: & http://print5cxveagitd3cbl3pakcjupk5jwgtpwa35uowhtzlmcqbibmsnyd.onion and how to create printable PDF files here: The site is only available in German for now and will be translated soon. To the first orders we will include some of [the merch]( we received at [Monerokon 2022]( and some additional stickers from us. PS: The text was already posted by us [here]( once and unfortunately removed by AutoModerator by a mistake. We thank the mods for the help and post our text here as originally intended. We thank []( and [escapethe3RA]( for picking up our other messages about this and [AnarkioCrypto]( for 2 more links for Monero graphics.