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XMR.ID just became ten times more expensive! Yay!

*What? Wait! How's that any good?* Up until today [the XMR.ID service]( was provided as annual subscription. Just to keep your XMR ID functioning you had to issue a new payment every twelve months. The new model takes that burden off of you. Now your XMR ID just remains active. So, yes, okay, you're right: You're not actually paying more for the same service. You get a new type of service at the corresponding [price]( One exception: Every existing customer will keep their XMR ID at no extra cost. --- **What is XMR.ID?** XMR.ID is a directory service where `` is pointed to a Monero address. When somebody enters this so-called "XMR ID", their wallet queries the directory and loads your actual Monero address onto the screen. Money is sent without intermediaries, as usual. The service is intended to make sending Monero more convenient. Remember to instruct your payers to verify the loaded Monero address before finalizing a transaction.
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