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Will be launching cryptocurrency miner website. 0% commission.

I've so many websites trying to make a profit off providing services for injecting miner (conhive or cryptoloot). I already have a system in place, and will be providing the service for 0% commission, unlike other which charge insanely high 12 or 15 %. I don't intend to make a profit off that maybe few dollars donation to keep servers up :). Let's make this better for bigger websites. Let me know what you guys think. No hidden fees. Edit: Some people suggested I would not be able to manage it off donations. They are correct, to an extent. For bigger websites (<10K visitors daily), maybe instead of charging 0% fee, I will charge them per request and resource used, or possibly a flat rate, just to break even, that should not even be 1% however. They, however, could decide to manage if they can host it themselves, they will be provided with the code. All they will pay for is convenience.
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