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Why Monero Is The Best Cryotocurrency

This is a video I plan to make. Any resources and suggestions for what to include in the video? I will compare it to BTC, ETH, NANO, ZCASH, DASH and I want to state why it is also better than future coins that will come up. Why POW is better than POS should also be a part of it. I want to focus on technology as well as the development team (the reason why it beats future currencies). I will also be pointing out flaws (e.g. Lack of intuitive desktop wallets, lack of awareness, use of Github and gitlab making it harder to propose an idea) and what I plan to do about it. I'm asking the community for pros and cons or anything that lists pros and cons. I want to make this video concise and informative enough so that ignorance can be dealt with appropriately and efficiently. The goal is to save time and raise awareness. There will also be a medium article to go along with it.
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