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'Why Cryptocurrencies' is now available in print!

Today is a big milestone for me, as this marks a big milestone in the biggest personal project I've undertaken. My book '[Why Cryptocurrencies?][whycrypto]' is released in print today! It's my attempt to explain what cryptocurrencies are and what problems they solve, in a simple and approachable manner. I've been working on the book in the open [on GitHub][src] and [the first recorded commit][1commit] is from Dec 19, 2018, with a chapter outline. 1237 commits later, and a bunch of work outside that, and the book is now Done™. (Only a year after my [blog post saying it was done][done]...) If you want to check it out, you can [read it online for free][online] or you can [buy][] it from wherever you buy your books. **What's next?** I need to check the formating for the eBook, so it looks ok on as many platforms as possible. And then work on my [self-hosted payment processor][bitpal], which I'll use to sell the eBook on my site for crypto. (I'll be sure to make it available on various eBook platforms too.) I'm planning to write a couple of blog posts detailing how I made the book and some lessons or tips I have for aspiring writers: - [How I made an online book with Lisp][pollen]. - [How I worked with a designer to create the cover][cover]. - How I did the interior layout for my self-published book. (planned) - Converting my online book to epub. (planned) - Writing lessons learned after writing a book. (planned) - I self-published a book---was it worth it? (planned) After that, I can finally archive the book project as done and focus on the next big thing (maybe continue working on the payment processor?). [whycrypto]: [src]: [1commit]: [online]: [buy]: [bitpal]: [done]:
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