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When I send money I copy and send - BAD?

TLdr: I do not verify each letter in the address each time I send. (I just copy with hope) I just copy and send. Its not tens of thousands. I'd punch myself if it did not make it. Then I would be ok. But, I do crypto a bit,,,, I just: copy ,trust;do not verify, paste & send. If my security is generally as great as it can be for someone with my knowledge (newer) is this an awful thing? Has there been known attacks that could somehow interfere with my copy and paste, that would be pretty badass, right? Someone get to work on it! Just kidding. Yes, computers, life and everything glitches! Breaks and hiccup along with BS/DRAMA happen. It could bugout and just copy wrong.. I should be less lazy. But how much of a threat is this from an outside attack?
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