What Is Better For Monero Recurring Subscriptions


For The Monero Recurring Subscriptions project that I'm working on, the merchant will set some info for the subscription, which the customer can copy/paste into their Monero Subscriptions Wallet (in progress).

I want to get feedback from the community, but personally, I think using a code like this: MONERO_SUBSCRIPTION:::: is a better option, because:

  • It is compressed down to less text.
  • Users will be less tempted to try to mess with the subscription info set by the seller
  • Looks better aesthetically
  • Looks less scary ("I'm pasting a code, not a confusing line of JSON")

For the average user, which of these do you think is better. Please vote:

Here are full examples of each:

Option #1:


Option #2:

{ "custom_label": "Developer Donation", "sellers_wallet": "4At3X5rvVypTofgmueN9s9QtrzdRe5BueFrskAZi17BoYbhzysozzoMFB6zWnTKdGC6AxEAbEE5czFR3hbEEJbsm4hCeX2S", "currency": "USD", "amount": 19.99, "payment_id": "EyRTrKDsbkH6GwdL", "start_date": "2023-04-25", "billing_cycle_days": 30 }

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