What if Satoshi have created Monero instead of Bitcoin?

self.Monero1m ago
Imagine if in 2009, instead of releasing Bitcoin as we know it today, Satoshi had developed a currency that's private from default, with all the technologies we see in Monero (like RingCT, Stealth Addresses, Confidential Transactions, etc). He was very concerned about hiding his own identity, and thus, aware of the importance of privacy. I don't see a reason he haven't developed Bitcoin with these technologies from the start, other than he couldn't figure out how to make it completely private back then. Maximalists claim that transparent transactions on the blockchain were intended by Satoshi, but we'll never know for sure since he left the internet long ago. We can't know if he would approve the privacy features Monero has and implement them on Bitcoin if he could. So my question is: If Bitcoin was completely private from the start, would those same maximalists be against it as they're against Monero today?