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What else should be edited/added to our new weekly thread description?

Hello, we are creating a new weekly post that will be dedicated to selling products and listing jobs. Every Friday it will be posted (via automod) and I would like to have your input on what should be in the weekly post! This is the current edit that we have now: "This is the weekly Monero market thread. This thread will be pinned every Friday and is meant to help accelerate the adoption of Monero. Due to r/moneromarket having only a fraction of the subs as r/monero, we have decided to create this thread to involve more individuals in using Monero for product exchanges. Until the market matures we will advise that the Monero community post their products here in this thread as well as in r/moneromarket to grow that subreddit. Selling items with monero will boost your, and monero’s reputation as a legitimate form of exchange of goods. This is necessary for the growth of monero, our community, and privacy as a whole. # Instructions When you post your product or job listing here, the minimum requirements are to: give a description of the item, link to a photo of the item (if it’s physical), and contact information. No spamming is tolerated. If we catch someone scamming, we will report you and you wont be welcome. Your listings will stay up as long as they are legitimate, clean products or job listings." ​ Tell us what should be edited or added to improve the post for this up coming Friday! (or if you believe it should be any other day tell us too)
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