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We're selling Mullvad VPN with Monero

Dear friends of Monero and Mullvad VPN, tldr: From today you can buy Mullvad voucher codes for six months (30€) with Monero from us. []( + [digitazyyxyihwwzudp5syxxyn3qhcd63wqcha2dxpfqiyydmrgdiaad.onion](http://digitazyyxyihwwzudp5syxxyn3qhcd63wqcha2dxpfqiyydmrgdiaad.onion) We are two people who oppose surveillance and value privacy, running our business and a small store in Leipzig (Germany) since August 2020. We have purchased [Mullvad VPN scratch cards]( directly from Mullvad and are selling them not just in our store, but also online now! You can redeem the voucher codes into new or existing Mullvad accounts. One code provides you with six months of Mullvad VPN usage. We destroy the vouchers after entering them into our ordering system. More information about what we do is currently only available in German on our homepage. An English translation will follow soon. Since we cannot estimate the level of demand yet, only a limited number of voucher codes will be available at first. Today we offer the first ten codes with 10% discount each. We run our own BTCPay server with our own Monero node. We don't use any trackers or external services on our website and don't require any personal data. We published the source code of our ordering system [in our GitHub account]( If you have any bugs or suggestions, please contact us. Attached you find a photo as a proof that we have the vouchers: [photo]( Greetings and all the best! The ProxyStore crew
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