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We got a couple outstanding FFS proposals. Consider donating?

A lot of these are actually almost done. Let's see if we can't top 'em off, eh? As always, any donation whether it's 10 XMR or 0.001 XMR is appreciated. Just being a part of furthering this project in any capacity is an awesome thing. [Monerujo and Arabic Translation]( [Dutch translations: Kovri docs, Monerujo and the Monero website]( [Ledger Support for Monerujo]( [Moving instructions and manuals into the video format and launching news feeds]( And that's it. Let's help these people get stuff done. This is what makes Monero unique from other cryptocurrencies. No premine. No founder's reward. No tax via designated block reward percentage treasury. We rely on donations from viewer's like you. Thanks everyone!
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cryptic monero badge solution from defcon 26

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