WARNING: Godex.io Currently Not Processing Exchanges For BTC TO XMR due to "Technical Issue With 3rd Party"

WARNING: Godex.io Currently Not Processing Exchanges For BTC TO XMR due to "Technical Issue With 3rd Party"

Here's My Support Chat:


GODEX: Having problems with exchange? Please tell us this order ID

ME: Hello this is regarding order [REDACTED] - It is stuck on "Exchanging" and I'm worried it's going to time-out. The amount being exchanged is fairly large.

GODEX: Hi, thank you for contacting us!

GODEX: Unfortunately, this coin is currently not available due to the technical maintenance with the XMR wallets on the partners side. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused!

GODEX: The coins will be shipped immediately after maintenance. Approximate waiting time is 8 hours

ME: Holy crap. Why isnt there a warning?!?!?

GODEX: There was no such information at the beginning of the exchange. We apologize

ME: I understand, but I don't see any warnings for new transactions either.

GODEX: This information has been transmitted to the technical department, information will appear soon

ME: Ok. And what do I do once 8 hour passes and the transactions still hasn't cleared? Can it be refunded via BTC?

GODEX: After 8 hours, the XMR will be automatically sent

ME: I dont share the same faith, there's no way you could possibly know that for sure since this is a "technical problem". What are my alternatives?

GODEX: If the coins are not sent after 8 hours, we will refund you

ME: To what address?

GODEX: Which you specify to us

ME: Great. The BTC refund address is [REDACTED]

GODEX: Thanks

ME: I'd rather have it done now instead of waiting.

ME: Thats $**** USD you have of mine.

GODEX: OK, we will make a refund to you within 10 minutes

ME: Thanks,

GODEX: Your refund has been issued, you can find more detailed information by clicking the link below:


Please let us know if further assistance is required!