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[WARNING] has been advertising here and is scamming monero users!

Hi friends, A few days ago I sold some ETH coming from Uniswap and Kyber to XMR since the price was going up. So stupid me decided to try and use [****]( since they had posted here before and due to all the changelly/morph complaints. And you can guess it, **they scammed me**. After spending days trying to get in touch with support they finally told me this: Dear Valued Customer, According to the fact that at the moment your actions apply to the clause 3, part 2.2 of our rules, namely: 2.2. the funds which you plan to make an exchange through on the Site were obtained by you legally and within an acceptable jurisdiction, we are forced to request additional information from you. Our policy assumes that we never ask a client for personal data, however, provided that the funds that interact with our service are legal, and the source of their origin is legal. Please note that this is directly regulated by our rules. We work with partners who use the most accurate systems for identifying the source of funds. The funds which you have sent have been identified by the system as suspicious. We are very sorry that you are now forced to go through the verification process, but this is necessary so that we can provide our clients with a truly secure exchange service. Given your situation, please provide us with a video of the withdrawal record. Please make sure the video shows your whole login process including entering the user ID and password from the sender platform, website URL, and withdrawal records such as transaction ID and date. The video size should not exceed 20 Mb if you wish to submit an attachment. You can also upload your video to your private confidential drive and provide us the available link to watch or download your video. Please do not use any screen recording tools to record the video. Also, if your assets were acquired through exchange or air drop, please provide a s...
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