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Want more places to spend your Monero? A proposal to generate more Monero app development video tutorials

When it comes to the development of Monero - you have at least 2 distinct parts: 1. **The protocol itself**, written in C++, and implemented by the wallets and daemon that users and miners use. 2. **The applications** built to utilize the protocol. Current examples include exchanges, eCommerce sites and gambling games \#1 is generally going well. \#2 - I hope we can grow more. ## How? I’m proposing we expand the quantity of **YouTube tutorial videos** (mirrored to decentralized YouTube alternatives). These would walk the user through some basic, but essential functions, that they can then utilize for their own web apps. Giving them the initial guide rails to get started. Using popular languages such as Python and Javascript. # Why? Simply put - the easier we make it for developers to use and integrate Monero - the more likely it is to happen (I hypothesize). YouTube is one of the top places, other than text search engines, that people look for help. If we can lower the barrier to entry for developers, making it quicker and easier to integrate Monero, that will hopefully lead to more apps using it. ## Examples of the types of videos needed: * How to connect to the RPC\* In the scenario of a **membership site**: * Creating new subaddresses per user * Checking if the current month has been paid for * Allowing or restricting access based on payment status In the scenario of an **eCommerce** store: * Again, creating subaddresses per user * Checking if the payment has been received * Updating the UI based on payment status \*YouTuber elibro has already made a good example [YouTube video]( for connecting to the RPC in Python ## How, specifically, do we achieve this? **2 main options:** 1. We ask for volunteers - and potentially fund them. 2. We run a competition. For example, we specify the videos we want created by x date, and offer the best 2 versions y amount of Monero. If people are interested, and the c...
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