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vtnerd rebased the free Monero lightwallet server C++ impl. Please review -let's get this thing merged so everyone can have cached, up to date transactions scanning

Bug report: Mymonero iOS app crash after a newly created account received a payment. iOS app version: 1.1.9 Server platform: Ubuntu 18.04, x86_64 Monero daemon: v0.14.0.0-release To reproduce the crash: prepare clean installation of Mymonero app without any existing accounts. prepare a clean installation of monero light wallet server database. create a new account on Mymonero app and set to connect to your own monero light wallet server on the monero light wallet server, accept the create request from Mymonero iOS app. wait for some time and the lightwallet server will start scanning blocks(once a new block is found) for your account. wait for some time to make sure that everything works with a newly created EMPTY account send some fund to the newly create account and wait for confirmation and lightwallet server processed the block. Mymonero iOS crashed as soon as it received the new "get_address_info" and "get_address_txs"(with a transaction) msg from lightwallet server. Log: I printed the json message at the server side: Before any payment is made: // get_address_info { "locked_funds": "0", "total_received": "0", "total_sent": "0", "scanned_height": 1814180, "scanned_block_height": 1814180, "start_height": 1814180, "transaction_height": 1814180, "blockchain_height": 1814180, "spent_outputs": [] } // get_address_txs { "total_received": "0", "scanned_height": 1814180, "scanned_block_height": 1814180, "start_height": 1814180, "transaction_height": 1814180, "blockchain_height": 1814180, "transactions": [] } After the payment is confirmed: // get_address_info { "locked_funds": "0", "total_received": "99931240000", "total_sent": "0", "scanned_height": 1814184, "scanned_block_height": 1814184, "start_height": 1814180, "transaction_height": 1814184, "blockchain_height": 1814184, "spent_outputs": [] } // get_address_txs { "total_received": "99931240000", "scanned_height": 1814184, "scanned_block_height": 1814184, "start_height": 1814180, "transaction_heig...
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