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[Update] Monerujo V1.6.1-alpha (yes, with Ledger Nano S Support)

Hey y'all, as I don't like the idea of holding code hostage, I have released the Ledger version of Monerujo to the alpha f-droid repo at before the [FFS]( is funded. I am sure it will be. Repo Fingerprint is 89 24 D9 22 08 EE CA 6B D9 6E 58 ED 7B 41 F5 8C 75 E9 1D 39 5C 7C 6F 32 F8 0F 56 8D 69 AF 58 B3. If you have the alpha repo already activated, it should autoupdate, if not: then add it by scanning the QR code in the link above. /u/anhdres has written up a [wonderful howto here]( Enjoy, The Monerujo Team. **EDIT:** [Release on Github](
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