Update #3: MoneroSilver.com -- we shipped our first order!


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Post #2: https://www.reddit.com/r/Monero/comments/11ao74u/update_i_want_to_make_it_easy_for_monero_users_to/

Hello Friends,

This morning, I shipped the first order of a 1 kilogram silver bar. The shipping cost was $18.80 including tracking and insurance. I know I can get a lower shipping cost (maybe around $12) but that's something I can improve going forward. For now, I'm just happy to hear the feedback from the community, and to see that there is some demand for this product. :D

Also, I have been trying to figure out what the core "identity" of this business should be, and I think I found something that I like: "MoneroSilver.com ─ The easiest way to buy and sell silver bullion with Monero." In other words, I won't just be selling silver, I'll be buying it too. But no matter which side of the trade I'm on, I am going to do everything directly in Monero. If I only manage to specialize in this one little niche market, I'll be happy.

I also added another video to the website, showing one of the ways that I test the purity of my silver. Check it out: https://MoneroSilver.com

Thanks everybody for your support! Let me know what needs to improve.