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Hey guys, Monero newb here, looking for some assistance with a problem I'm having. I set up a Monero GUI wallet recently on a Tails drive, everything seemed gravy. I had it connected to a remote node, password protected and had an address for receiving XMR. So two days ago, I exchanged some BTC for XMR on Kraken and then sent it to the receive address found in the wallet I created (copied and pasted to ensure no typos). Since then I've been waiting and reloading the wallet, but the XMR still hasn't arrived. I reached out to Kraken support and they said the transaction was confirmed as having gone through, but on my end, it's still not in the wallet. After some time emailing back and forth about whether my wallet is the latest version and making sure that it isn't synced to one of the old Monero chains, they suggested I post here for help. So I confirmed my wallet is the current version of the GUI wallet v0.15.0.4 (Qt 5.9.7), but I don't know how to make sure my wallet isn't synced to one of the old Monero chains. I tried changing to a new remote node without any success receiving my funds. I don't have the diskspace to run a local node unfortunately. Any help would be extremely appreciated, I'm beginning to worry my funds may be lost.
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