Uncle maker: Timestamping attack on Ethereum - Is it possible on Monero too?

self.Monero6d ago
There is a attack on the concensus protocol of Ethereum, where miners can replace the last mined block by mining a block with higher difficulty and lower timestamp. [https://medium.com/@aviv.yaish/uncle-maker-time-stamping-out-the-competition-in-ethereum-d27c1cb62fef](https://medium.com/@aviv.yaish/uncle-maker-time-stamping-out-the-competition-in-ethereum-d27c1cb62fef) IIRC the Monero concensus protocol does the difficulty adjustment every n blocks, like Bitcoin, and not between each block like ~~Monero~~ Ethereum (edited from original post). Is that correct? And does that mean that Monero isn't susceptible to this kind of attack?