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Total surveillance in a world without cash – Monero Meetup Utrecht #6 on Tuesday 3 December

It's the season of doom and gloom. In that spirit, [the next Monero meetup in Utrecht]( will be less about Monero than about why it's necessary. How much privacy will we have left if cash is not accepted anymore and all our euro transactions are registered in a bank's database, that can be inspected by the government? And maybe even by commercial partners of the bank in the future. Or by hackers. I haven't even finished my research yet and I've seen so many horrible plans that are accepted without debate simply because they appear to be technically advanced. Only nerds will look into the details. For example, MPs voted unanimously for a [fraud detection system called SyRI]( that collects all information known to various government agencies about particular citizens, especially residents of city districts with a high level of people receiving benefits. Recently, the money launderers and interest manipulators at Rabobank Nederland mentioned a plan to collect all publicly available data of their account holders in order to label them according to the risk of being criminal. This would include news reports about the customer and whether they own any houses. [Bitcoin developer Sjors Provoost]( compared this to the Chinese social credit system. And it would be the enlightened modern alternative to the current system, where the Dutch banking sector struggles to hire and motivate 8000 people who spy on their customers in order to detect suspicious transactions. ​ [The meetup venue]( This presentation will be in Dutch, since it's related to local politics. We're still planning to...
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