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Today's Bitcoin update includes Taproot (for Farcaster Atomic Swaps)

Bitcoin Core version 0.21.0 has been released today, January 14, 2021, and implements the proposed Taproot consensus rules BIP341 & BIP342, which is required for the Farcaster Atomic Swap project to function. This is too much excitement for one gal to handle. What are your thoughts?
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Rubic Exchange has listed wXMR (not an endorsement)

馃摙 Privacy coins join the #DeFi world with their wrapped versions!We welcome @Monero, @Dashpay & @zcash into the Rubic鈥檚 DeFi ecosystem. The 3 wrapped tokens are available on
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AnchorUSD has listed Monero (not an endorsement)

馃獧鉃 We've added 9 new assets today. All are immediately available for trading, including instant purchases from your bank account.路 Monero 鈥 #XMR路 Tron - #TRX路 Dogecoin - #DOGE路 Filecoin - #FIL路 Zcas...