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Time to boycott Binance after CEO called for more regulation

In a [recent interview]( Binance CEO Changpeng "CZ" Zhao called for more regulation on cryptocurrency. CZ and Binance benefited from a low regulation environment to grow to massive scale now they want governments to introduce regulation to prevent competitors from popping up and dethroning them. CZ even admits to it in the article by saying: >"Binance welcomes regulations for many reasons. One of those minor reasons is a selfish reason: that in a regulated industry, the few larger players will remain. The smaller players do get cut off, which is unfortunate for those guys." If you enjoy smaller independent exchanges or want less AML and KYC then CZ is going to try to shut them down through the power of the government. In light of this monopolistic and anticrypto rhetoric I invite you all to **boycott Binance**. This applies especially to the Monero community since most of us care a lot about freedom and Binance has been doing some shenanigans with withdrawing Monero many times in the past. If you'll join me and would like some alternatives then here's my short list: * [Bisq]( \- a P2P DEX with no KYC, best for fiat -> Bitcoin * [FixedFloat]( \- instant exchange between cryptos, no KYC, supports Lightning * [Incognito Wallet]( \- exchange with limit orders planned for rollout soon. No KYC, operates as effectively a privacy-centric sidechain to Bitcoin, Monero and many other cryptos. Alternatively find more on []( or suggest in the comments. EDIT: Bisq is a bit of a temporary solution, but expect Monero's native [Haveno]( to replace it soon.
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