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This is the chosen one

Listen to me, you fucking cock sucking motherfuckers. For the past 2-3 weeks, I’ve been waking up at 7AM, taking my daily 30mg extended release adderall with a large cup of 100% Colombian coffee doing extensive extensive study and research on monero. I read the entire whitepaper, i read the monero white paper review from a famous mathematician, i read through hundreds of pages on bitcointalk dot org on the monero and monero speculation thread, i read through biz, i watched all the videos, i looked into the history of the dark net market/the Silk Road/bitcoin/satoshi’s vision/looked at a bunch of graphs, the supply of monero in 2100 compared to bitcoin, the decreasing inflation rate of monero, made a couple of graphs with what monero would look like in 2050 based on a some assumptions. I finished my research. I washed my face. I took out 32K from my savings to buy monero. And guess what? When the bitcoin whale retards start moving their wallets to get my monero? I will sell none. This is the chosen one. Drug money? So was bitcoin. Fuck you. Pedo crypto? Idgaf. Fuck you. Money laundering money? Blow me. Fuck you. Zcash? Fuck you. Price crabs and ranked 44? Blow me. Fuck you. You wanna give me your tainted nasty bitcoin for my pure xmr? Fuck you. Monero falls to $50/xmr? I’ll purchase another $30K worth, fuck you. This is the chosen one. Suck me, bitcoin maxi faggots, and get fucked. Monero is the truth, the way, and life.
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