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Third time syncing remote node

I'm syncing Monero remote node for the past one month. At first I synced until 80% and accidentally closed the monerod and the block chain corrupted. Weeks of hardworking gone in a second. Then I kept going. After many weeks today I synced until 87% and all of a sudden boom the infamous blue screen. PC restarted automatically, opened monerod and closed immediately. Months of hard work gone in a second. But anyways I will not give up. I want to contribute to this amazing community. I started syncing again from scratch now. No matter how long it takes I will not give up. Financial freedom is must and I will be supporting Monero to the end. Just imagine if someone needs to do a transaction quickly for an emergency and his/hers block chain corrupts! Sounds scary. Then re syncing the entire block chain is not practical. I'm not that much tech savy, but I do feel like we need to find a solution for this issue. What will you guys do If your block chain gets corrupted for unforseen errors ? Is it technologically possible to mitigate this problem ?
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