The future of content creation

self.Monero11d ago
I think, Monero is already very viable to support content creators. I imagine a world, where content creators, or better all persons on the internet, normally add a monero address and a tox address in their profile. If I see something I like on the internet, I often would like to support it. For example I watch an Anime, and the only official way to support them is to buy a DVD, which would be useless, since I don't want to switch devices just to watch DVD. And besides that, I have no control about who gets the money and what it will be used for. Or I remember some project I liked, when I didn't earn my own money yet, and ten years later I think it would be nice to donate to the creators. But I don't know how. Or I see some political controversial person, who I want to support anonymously. Preferably there will be a decentralized social network, where you can even vote by donations instead of likes/dislikes, similar to xmrmemes, as well. If you create something great and share it for free, you might still get donations years after you created something, maybe by persons who got rich after being inspired by it as a child. How can we achieve more random people to just add Monero addresses to their profiles? There already are a bunch of people, who support public domain and open source, but don't use Monero nor any other crypto currency.