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The disaster of working with Ledger Nano S on Linux/Ubuntu with both Monero GUI and Monero CLI

Yesterday I [posted and asked]( whether it's a good idea to move now to Ledger Nano with my funds. Many people said it's OK, so I started trying. **Please consider this constructive criticism**. I'm a big fan of Monero. But what happened was too much and I gave up, so I'd like to share how this went. I'm on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. All the binaries I'm using are the linux64 binaries, latest versions. I started by creating the wallet from Ledger Nano with Monero gui. Everything went fine, and I connected to a remote node, and started scanning. In the middle of the scan, I was checking out the gui, and saw the option to create a new address. I thought, "sure, what the hell". So I did, and created a new address. And bam! The program crashes with some std::string memory error. EDIT: The error I got is: ``` terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::logic_error' what(): basic_string::_M_construct null not valid ``` I think this bug happens because you are assigning a null to a string. For example, if you do this: ``` std::string str(nullptr); ``` You should make sure a `const char*` is not null before assigning it to std::string. Anyway, I start the GUI again, and the rescan starts over, fine. I'll wait and I'll not touch it this time until it finishes. In the middle of the scan, without me touching it, bam! Another crash with the same std::string error, and I'm like, what the hell is going on. I try to start the scan again, and this time it works. it synced. Yay! Let's get some monero in this beast! I get some change address from a long time ago, and send something like 0.0009 XMR from CLI. Now, the CLI itself has some weird problem since recently, where new lines are not new lines, but instead a couple of spaces....... but whatever. I sent the amount, and within 5 minutes, nothing appears in the GUI. Because of this problem in the CLI, I thought pasting the addres...
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Stephan Livera: "there is no such thing as taint"

Agree, I think there is no such thing as taint. I'm just trying to figure out the view of the people who do believe in taint— Stephan Livera [Jan/3➞₿ 🔑 ∎] (@stephanlivera) December 15, 2019