The Boating Accident Support Hotline - A collection of KYC-free software & services

self.Monero1m ago
Hi, I'm the creator of this project and I figured that the Monero community would like this. BASH-KYC is a collection of non-KYC wallets, exchanges, and privacy tools for cryptocurrency, namely Bitcoin and Monero. Any feedback, suggestions, or criticism is appreciated. ​ The "official" site is only accessible via Tor, at [this link](http://ubqrwvbgxvsgkgyhnw6hg52xtulxgxtptvz4dagx3newrrouw2nyidid.onion/): http://ubqrwvbgxvsgkgyhnw6hg52xtulxgxtptvz4dagx3newrrouw2nyidid.onion/ There is a mirror of it on github, however, at [this link](