test transaction failed, money did not get returned, tried to upgrade wallet and now cannot log into wallet


Hello, a bit embarassing but here is the chain of events:

I used a GUI wallet that I downloaded in 2021 and did 1 test transaction for 1 monero. The transaction failed, I didn't see the money being returned.

(the trasaction ID screenshot was attached)

I read some old threads on reddit, something about restoring wallets. Before I proceed, I decide to upgrade my wallet to x64 v0.18.2.2 version

Now that I downloaded this 18.2.2 version, I can no longer log in. the error message is:

couldn't open wallet. Monero ledger app doesn't support current monero version. Try to update the monero ledger app. at least 1.8.0 is required.

So what did I do wrong and what am I supposed to do now? many Thanks.