Technical questions on Monero

self.Monero1m ago
Hey, I'm a Bitcoiner just looking to strengthen my technical knowledge on Monero as I evaluate it. I not a hater, and I do not think Monero is a shitcoin. I have some questions: 1. What is the security of RandomX? Using a custom hashing algorithm seems risky to me. I understand the reasons why one was chosen (ASIC resistance and the need to avoid 51% attack from Bitcoin miners), but I question the security implications of it. SHA-256 is industry standard, well understood and battle tested. 2. Is it possible to tell the difference between a chain re-org and a 51% attack? It seems if you can't tell where a transaction is coming from, where it is going, or how much it was, then couldn't a successful 51% attack just appear like a normal chain re-organization? 3. What are the thoughts around ASIC resistance vs. threat of a 51% attack? The market is lousy with CPUs. ASIC resistance seems counter-intuitive to network security.