Syncing taking forever, never happened before.

17D Ago
My monero wallet is suddenly demanding that it resyncs the entire blockchain. It's taking absolutely forever, I left it running for a couple days and it was only 60%. At one point the program crashed, then refused to start again. I had to delete all 60Gigs of database and it had to start over completely. Now it's going EVEN SLOWER! It says the sync has OVER 2 MONTHS remaining! a 100Gb file takes a few hours to download, what the hell is going on with this awful software? Plus, I've already successfully performed 3 transactions with this wallet BEFORE it ever mentioned anything about "syncing", it used to work perfectly and never bothered with this crap before. It just started this shit a few days ago. I never used a remote node, either, always local. I am absolutely not going to wait that long for this piece of shit program to pull its head out of its ass. Why does the monero wallet download so SLOWLY? 100Gigs is nothing, takes a few hours, why does this program insist it will take MONTHS? And more importantly, how do I fix it? This is completely unacceptable functionality. Why is this suddenly an issue, and how do I get it back to the way it was before? Edit: Windows 10, no "Ledger/Trezor device", yes some antivirus (but that has never caused problems before).