Swap coins with insurance via Trocador Guarantee

Swap coins with insurance via Trocador Guarantee

When trading at http://Trocador.app you now enjoy our Trocador Guarantee

If for some reason you do not receive your funds and the exchange does not provide us some proof of a legal order to explain why the swap was not completed, Trocador will reimburse you up to the amount shown for each exchange!

For now the insured amount is around $550, but we're talking to each exchange and they can choose to increase this amount for their trades. In this case they'll make a security deposit to Trocador, which will hold it until either the exchange asks for a withdrawal, or a user claims the insurance. You can check how much of your transaction is protected by our Guarantee by hovering/clicking the shield icon besides each exchange! Our idea is to increase the insured amount as time goes by.

You can check each exchange insurance

We have enabled USD stablecoins swaps via LocalMonero

Now users will be able to swap some stablecoins for Monero via our LocalMonero integration. Amounts up to $1.5k are allowed for USDT (ERC20), USDC (ERC20) and DAI (ERC20) pairs. Go ahead and check that out. We'll be adding more pairs in the future. All our LocalMonero transactions also have insurance coverage from Trocador Guarantee.

Completed USD stablecoin transaction via LocalMonero

Other improvements/news from Trocador:

  • We are now offering support via Telegram;
  • Trocador will be present at MoneroTopia;
  • We have requested Exch solution for the network fee problem when trading with small amounts, which they informed us they'll solve within a week.


  • We are interested in finding people willing to translate our website into other languages, such as Italian, Arabic, etc. In case you want to help, get in touch with us via any of our channels (e-mail or Telegram) and we'll pay you 0.5 XMR once the translation is complete.

What we have developed so far on Trocador

  • Privacy preserving exchange aggregator with more than a dozen different exchanges;
  • No use of JavaScript in order to prevent device fingerprinting;
  • Onion support;
  • Fixed and floating rate swaps;
  • Payment mode (reverse swap with fixed rate);
  • Development of our API and Referral System;
  • AnonPay payment gateway, where stores and websites can monetize their audiences or sell their products;
  • Development of our own BTCPay server plugin, where stores can receive any cryptocurrency and automatically swap to their preferred form of money;
  • Monero Bridges - increase liquidity for unusual pairs by swapping to Monero as a middle man;
  • LocalMonero integration USDT/USDC/ETH/LTC/BTC -> XMR;
  • Trocador Guarantee: insurance coverage for trades;