STOP chain analisys - MoneroBlock installation & setup guide

24D Ago
Blockchain analytics companies such as Chainalysis can use block explorers to link Monero transactions to your IP address. MoneroBlock aims to solve this issue by helping everyone to run their own personal and private block explorer. # Installation 1. Make sure you already have a Monero node up & running. If you don't, follow [this guide]( 2. Download and extract the correct release version from [here]( 3. Run it and visit []( with your browser # Building MoneroBlock from source Follow these instructions: []( # Support me MoneroBlock is free and open-source software. To support its development please consider donating any amount. Monero: `892HHTyDg5mJm5eWJWZ8L1ZMYnnWExciQFFkpsgLh1DfVUXfUFj6z1X2jDD2ZRQLiwWYskeyNkrtpAHse4M3G29uBfiYgVL` Wownero: `WW439rW1B6p4pA9oca1Aip6h2dneUCHTL9qdn5fstfkB1DzokvrU2hYGASDUcyfaa9gv5kXS82TUhRALMGJGFmBA26jAz3qM5ss`