state of the network.

self.Monero1m ago
disclaimer: i am not knocking monero, i love monero and I want to see it grow to be a staple currency on the net. I am simply crunching numbers and looking at the outcomes. so i have a 5950x doing cpu mining, it shows me that at full bore, i have a 1 in 400 chance of getting a reward daily. so on average ill be waiting about a year and a 4 months to actually get .7XMR roughly 86 dollars. divide that all by my initial investment for the system and you basically never get your money back before the system is trash. in order to get a chance at a once daily reward of .7 XMR you need to spend $440,000 for for 400 minimalist 5950x's(meaning mobo 8gb of ram, cpu, power supply at 1100 a pop, nothing else, no video, hdd etc.) not counting electrical costs this nets you at today rate. 86 dollars daily, which im sure is also roughly the daily electrical cost of running 400 machines and does not even begin to cover the 450k. So... monero right now is not worth mining. which believe it or not is AWESOME! you know why? cuz that means the miners are only the people who care enough to let their machines mine, despite the payoff being shit right now. its people who are just into it because of the principle of the thing and not the payday!!! to all those people who let 120gigs of disk space and a few cores go in the background, I love you, keep on trucking and fuck the speculators! I wish you are all rich once day!