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Splitting Seed Phrase and Storing in Two Places

Would it be a smart idea to split the 25 word seed phrase into a list that holds each word alphabetically (with no redundancies) and a length 25 list that holds the indexes of the first list necessary to create the original 25 word seed? This way I would be able to store the seed in two separate but convenient locations and I feel the brute force needed to generate a seed from only one of the lists is still too much to be feasible (got this idea from a comment in the sub) I want to do this so that I can store one list in, say a file on my laptop and the other in my wallet and not need to dig up the complete seed stored away somewhere else (though I do have it stored physically somewhere else). Is this just a stupid idea? Thanks for the comments! I realize now why its not really worth it
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Vauld has listed Monero

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