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Sooo, I lost 0.03 BTC trying to complete an atomic swap on the COMIT network

Original post [here]( ​ ​ Hi All, So I am not sure what to do at this point. On my original post I received word from u/unstoppableswap that after my first swap had been cancelled due to the vendor having "insufficient funds" to just initiate a new swap with another vendor as my BTC was being held in an internal wallet of the swap tool (and cannot be refunded to your change address at that time). I initiated a second swap for the same amount and it seemed that everything was working. The code ran until it got to "Waiting for Alice to lock Monero" and it stayed like that until I had to go to sleep last night. When I woke up I saw that it had errored out and cancelled the swap as it had in the previously attempted swap. But this time it was because the vendor had failed to lock the xmr funds in time. So I thought the third time would be the charm, however when I then initiated yet another trade with another vendor and it prompted me to deposit BTC into the swap tool address. I thought this was funny, as my 0.03 BTC shouldn't have gone anywhere. I checked on the internal wallet address of the swap tool, where my funds had been sitting, **and they were on the move**. Seen [HERE]( They are still moving as I type this post (goddamn public ledger smh). So my question is, who the hell has my BTC? Did Alice get it by somehow timing out and then it triggered the "punishment transaction" as discussed the previous post allowing them control of the funds? Please, any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks you guys, this has been a bit of a rollercoaster. ​ ​ I have included the code and the error below. Here is my terminal from initiating the second swap. ​ [email protected]:~/Downloads$ ./swap buy-xmr --receive-address 4A8T1raSjhZf4WFAa3fBSxSLCF4PKk1ZEAXB28Ec...
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