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So you think Monero is the best then you better let all the exchanges know it too.

That’s right send an email to your favorite exchanges that you use and tell them to make XMR a core crypto to buy and sell into other altcoins. If you are reading my post right now Im assuming Monero is your most coveted crypto in your bag that you own. So now I want you to picture this. Imagine all of of your precious monero sitting in the middle of your living room floor. Now imagine bitcoin walks in your living room and takes the biggest nastiest dump on your precious and says “Hey you got a problem buddy!” That is basically what happens every time somebody buys another altcoin using Bitcoin. It is up to us to let these exchanges know that we want to buy and sell altcoins using Monero. The devs around here are not going to do it for us. They are busy advancing the technology. Just in this reddit group alone their is over 130k subscribers so their is no excuse why we can’t flood the emails of the all these exchanges demanding monero to be made a core crypto. If we don’t ever say anything how do you expect them to find out it what their customers want. Their are already a few exchanges that have made Monero a core crypto too so make sure you support them. Send them an email too thanking them for making Monero a core crypto. Appreciation goes along way in everyone’s book. With ledger support about to hit, Monero will be making history and speaking of ledger I hope you guys are taking advantage of this dip and loading up on Xmr before Ledger hits. Their will soon be two types of Monero owners. Those who bought Monero before Ledger and those who wished they bought Monero before Ledger.
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