Signed Monero Binaries [Windows users wanted]

15D Ago
Anti viruses do not like Monero binaries (.exe files) - it's actually quite a big hurdle for most users to stop them from deleting Monero files immediately after downloading. This is not good for adoption. Can we change this? well, this is where we need your help. A third party has paid for all of the binary files contained in the v0-18-1.0 Monero GUI zip file to be signed (this process actually costs \~3kusd) but we need to see if it actually helps, and for how long. I walk you through the process of how i remove the signature / analyse and compare the files to the originals using various tools such as VbinDiff (to show the exact byte by byte differences) and provide a trustless script that automates the process / prints the diffs at the end in the github documentation here: []( ( please "trust the code" not me / confirm hashes ) Disclaimer: i have no affiliation with the third party providing this zip file, i am acting alone (without approval/involvement from Monero Core team) i have merely proven that they are legit. If you are satisfied, download the zip file, check the hashes, extract the zip and see if your antivirus complains, report back. that's it. ​ >\-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- > >Hash: SHA256 > >a30cd7524fa5a63742ce5af4b18f70268fa7b39d27be52389719764315db7a02 []( > >\-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- > >iI0EARMIADUWIQTci88MUIPyAweCgD5OipEtQO0FLAUCYxymUBcccGxvd3NvZkBw > >cm90b25tYWlsLmNvbQAKCRBOipEtQO0FLPqYAQCYe+KBkcHOCA7h9+w3tWdxGtAV > >izD9SgPuEPkf1568HwD8D3dTR4EU82ZMqyVmyZdE///WTCmKG5Ks3CVB3smPp6Y= > >=N8v/ > >\-----END PGP SIGNATURE----- Download link: [](