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sign tx file; empty wallet??

I don't know much about handling Monero, I am a fan of it however. And lately I've been collecting a bit here and there especially since the recent dip Today, after receiving enough to want to move it to another wallet and prepare to possibly trade, I opened up the GUI wallet (v0.14.1.0) and clicked on the 'send' menu. Now at this point I have not entered any other information, such as amount, or the wallet I intend on sending it to. Everything is blank. I hit "sign tx file" as i was under the impression it would generate a sort of tx sig/multi sig key so that way I could open my other wallet and securely accept the funds without worrying about any kind of malware, etc. ​ I hit 'Sign tx file; and all of a sudden my wallet is empty! I check my files, and I know have two new files 'walletname\_signed' & 'walletname\_signed\_keyImages' I've tried importing those files when opening a new wallet on the GUI and still empty. My transaction history only shows my recent incoming so I'm confident I still have them, i just seem to have somehow hidden them from myself with some kind of signature file. Any resources on how to get this bastard viewable and spendable again would be amazingly appreciated!!
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